Kent Island Racing Fleet

Wednesday Nights


Wednesday Night Racing Instructions & Notes
31 March 2016


The race schedule, start times and start locations are detailed on the separate KIRF Race Schedule.  This can be downloaded from the Overview page of this web site

The Wednesday Night Series Races are divided into a 6 race Spring Series and a 6 race Summer Series in order to encourage new participants during the season.

Races designated “Prospect Bay”
Will start/finish on a line in the entrance of Kirwan’s Creek (south of the Kent Narrows).  The start line will be between two orange buoys laid on an extension of a line through the Kent Narrows South channel markers #4 and #3.

Races designated “Chester River”
Will start/finish between two orange buoys laid approximately 200 yards north west of the Kent Narrows North entrance channel marker #2KN



You can download the complete KIRF Course List from the Courses page of this web site

Course1, South Narrows, Prospect Bay - Distance 8.5 NM (See notes a & b)
Course 2, South Narrows, Prospect Bay - Distance 6.8 NM (See notes a & b)
Course 3, South Narrows, Prospect Bay - Distance 4.4 NM (See notes a & b)
Course 4, South Narrows, Prospect Bay - Distance 2.2 NM (See notes a & b)
Course 8, South Narrows, Prospect Bay - Distance 6.8 NM (See notes a & b)

Course 56, Chester River – Distance 4.4 NM
Course 57, Chester River – Distance 6.0 NM
Course 58, Chester River – Distance 6.8 NM

For more information on the courses please go to the "COURSES" tab


a) For South Narrows starts, the start/finish line will be set in a NE-SW direction and will line up with the Narrows #3 Green and #4 Red beacons.  Use the alignment of the Green beacon and the orange buoy at the NE end of the line to time your finish.

b) A direct straight line between the start/finish line and the South Narrows #1 beacon will clip the edge of the infamous "BLOB" shallow spot.  At low tide this will have no more than about 4 feet of water so watch your depth, a minor swing to the north east will save your race and some embarrassing treatment in the bar afterwards.

c) Course decision will be made shortly before the start depending on the conditions at the time.

d) Races may be either conventional PHRF or reverse PHRF pursuit races to be announced prior to the start.

To add variety and interest we will call both Fleet Starts and Pursuit Starts.  The type of start and the course will be called on the VHF at about 6:15 PM so listen up so you don't get lost!

Fleet Starts:  All boats will start together at the designated start time

Pursuit Starts:  Each boat starts at a different time according to both the boat rating and the course distance so that all boats should finish at about the same time.  Your start time is calculated from a separate spread sheet that you should keep aboard at all times.  To find your start time locate your PHRF rating in the left hand column then get your start time in the column for the course called.  To make this easy to do in the heat of the start line simply highlight the row for your PHRF rating so you only need to look for the course column.  Always use your GPS to time your start accurately and avoid protests!

PHRF handicapping with a 15% allowance for those without spinnakers.  If you want to race without a spinnaker you will need to tell the PRO before the race start.  When racing non-spinnaker you may use a pole but only one headsail is permitted.

Six races are scheduled for each of the Spring and Summer Series.  One race must be completed to constitute a series.  For each series one score will be discarded when 5 or 6 races have occurred.

Low points scoring shall apply, ie:

   1 point for first place
   2 points for second place 
   3 points for third place, etc.,

A boat that did not start, time limit expired, did not finish or retired after finishing scores number of starting boats in the race + 1.

A boat that is disqualified scores number of starting boats in the race + 2

No points are scored in races that are abandoned.

   1.  Greatest number of first places
   2.  Greatest number of second places
   3.  Lowest points in the last race


The Edelweiss Challenge Cup:

The score for the Edelweiss Challenge Cup shall be the sum of the scores for all Wednesday Night races.  If 8 or 9 races occur then one result discard shall be allowed.  If 10 or more races occur then 2 discards shall be allowed.

1st., 2nd. and 3rd. place trophies will also be awarded.

See the above Schedule of Races for the start times.  The start signals will be sounded from the PRO's boat.  The start sequence will be:

    5 minutes Warning
    4 minutes Preparatory
    1 minute Ready
    Zero Start!

Keep your own time using a GPS.  Wrist watches are not acceptable time keepers.

Write down your watch time at the start and finish and make a note of the name and sail number of the boat ahead and the boat astern of you at the finish.  Send me your information as soon as possible afterward so that I can calculate and circulate the results in a timely manner.

9. TIME LIMITS.  The time limit for all races shall be 2030 hours.  If no boats finish before the time limit the race shall be counted as abandoned.

10. COMMUNICATIONS.  All competitors should monitor channel 72 throughout the race to aid communication.  All course changes, etc., will be called on 72 so listen up!

11. SAFETY.  

Responsibility: Each entrant will be responsible for all safety issues with respect to participation in these races and agrees to hold the organizers harmless of all liability.  

Standards:  It is required that all participants meet or exceed the ORC Category 4P safety equipment standards.

Bad weather: in the event of bad or threatening weather any skipper may, during one hour before the start of a race, call for a vote among participating skippers for postponement or abandonment of a race if the PRO has not already done so.  The race will be postponed or abandoned on a majority vote.  It is important to remember that under all circumstances each skipper has the final responsibility for the decision to race and for the safety of his boat and crew regardless of the outcome of such a vote or the actions of the PRO.

12. IDENTIFICATION.  The race will not be divided into different classes but all boats should fly their PHRF class flag as a racing identity.  I will circulate a list of entries a few days before the race so that we can all recognize one another.

13. PROTESTS.  Protests should be filed with the PRO within one hour of the time limit for the race and there will be no appeals process.

14. RACING RULES.  The 2017-2020, ISAF rules shall apply except where specifically amended by these instructions.

15. ENTRY FEE.  The Wednesday Night Series racing fee is included in the KIRF fee of $50 payable to "Kent Island Racing Fleet", c/o Jeff Leigh, 1578 Comanche Rd, Arnold, MD 21012.

16. INDEMNITY.  By participating in this or any other KIRF event you agree to hold Chris Bardwell-Jones and everyone associated with the organization of KIRF events harmless of all liability.

General Notes

1. I suggest that we meet after each race at the Kent Island Yacht Club bar for a follow up discussion and social gathering.  If you are not a member of the club I will be pleased to sign you in - the club will make you welcome.

2. For more information about the Kent Island Racing Fleet please visit

3. For more information about racing and rating your boat please look at the following web sites:
Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association
PHRF Of The Chesapeake
ISAF The International Sailing Federation